Something for Christmas

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Since announcing and blending my Azura Ice name with my other two sites and, I thought I’d do something for Christmas.

I have many books out under these three pen names, so how about the chance to win an e-book of your choice?

All you have to do is look around each of my sites, including this one, and then choose one of the questions below to answer:

A) what book of mine under any of my pen names is your favorite and why OR…

B) what is your favorite Christmas treat as in a particular cookie, candy, drink, etc.

This contest can run for a coupla days or so, then I’ll announce the winner. Post your answer as a comment and include your email address should your comment be chosen as the winner.

I have books with Decadent Publishing to Bookstrand to Breathless Press and more with more to come, too! Have fun and good luck!


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  1. Well, Faith, you know my favorite book. That would be Ruby. 🙂 As for my favorite Christmas treat: my mom’s persimmon cookies. They are scrumptious.

  2. My favorite christmas treat is “Zimtsterne” and scince I din’t find a translation for this, here is a link so you can check it out (warning language of the article is german)

  3. Wow you have some interesting books and I have added a few to my tbr wishlist. I actually prefer fudge as my favorite Christmas treat. My neighber makes some great fudge and has been trying to teach me to make it. Still not quite reaching hers though.
    Have a great holiday.
    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

  4. The Darkness of Sable is my favorite book by F.L. Bicknell. It was my first introduction to your work and I fell in love with it right away! I really wish it was a series! It is a great suspense story filled with sex and romance, but not your typical fairy tale type romance!

  5. Hello to all! Thanks for commenting.

    Colleen, I do have hopes of writing a least one more book to the Darkness of Sable.

  6. Congrats to Patricia and Marci, too. I’m sending them each an ebook too. Thanks to all who commented!

    [contest now closed]

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