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2012 author picAzura Ice writes several subgenres of romance, which includes, but is not limited to het, ménage, m/m and can be set in contemporary times or even in a far away world or another dimension. Azura’s muse leads her by the hand, and her fingers do the light-speed typing.

Who is Azura Ice? She’s a full-time author represented by an awesome literary agent. She is also owned by two crazy felines of tabby descent (although they swear they’re of Egyptian lineage). Azura writes in an attic study that overlooks a beautiful valley, and enjoys her husband’s company when he’s permitted to enter her domain. However, if he brings offerings of coffee and an occasional chocolaty treat, she’s inclined to let him in her office more often.

The Romance Review

Azura takes her writing seriously, so she doesn’t hang out on forums or loops (she tries to avoid shiny object syndrome), but if you’d like to contact her, interview her, etc., you can reach her at You may also know her as F.L. Bicknell, Amber Redd (for Dreamspinner Press only), Kiyara Benoiti (as of 11/2012 writing for SirenBookstrand only) Cutter Phoenix (for Freya’s Bower only), and Molly Diamond. Check out her social sites!

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