Shoved into a situation that tears Deirdre apart, she prays her suspicions about her husband are wrong. Glimpses of a powerful, handsome black man tantalize her, and his deep voice comes to her at unexpected times. Who is this stranger and how does he seem to always know when she needs him? The more Malachi follows his wandering heart, the more Deirdre finds herself drawn to her ghostly companion.

Soon it’s clear her husband has no intention of rectifying his playboy ways, so Deirdre turns to her grandmother’s book of Voodoo and faerie magic for help. Can she summon the power to keep Malachi with her…or will true love and magic from long ago release a new and powerful love?



After three years, Basil finally secures a reservation at the Desert Patch Steampunk Resort. He’s excited about his 1Night Stand match, but he can’t keep his mind off the one man he wants most. When his dream comes true and Jason strolls into The Cursed Revolver Saloon, Basil realizes love sometimes carries a price. Only by defeating an Alpha can he protect his lover and gain his full powers.

However, a stranger sets his sites on Basil, and things become not only difficult but extremely dangerous. Attacked by a powerfully wealthy lycanthrope, Basil and Jason must fight for their lives and their love.


Femwar Feather Ravoko has won her final battle, but her trainer, Irikii Drader, refuses to claim her, as is hisright. Hurt and confused, she chooses Elatia, the famed pleasure planet, for her furlough. There, she discovers the cruel twist to her prize. Welcomed by fellow czwars, she struggles with her emotions and lack of purpose, but her one comfort is Ymien, a male Adamo who begins his seduction of her.

Irikii gives up everything to follow Feather across the stars, but when he’s enslaved by Cezzmots, he finds himself thrown into a plot to conquer Elatia. Fearing for Feather and the Elatian people, Irikii wins the commander’s trust and forms a plan to thwart him—a plan that might end Irikii’s life.

Wooed by Ymien and pining for Irikii, Feather must fight her feelings for both men, but when an explosion lights up the city skyline, she’s thrust into a battle of life and love.

Genre: Erotic romance, science fiction, adventure, futuristic

Heat level: 3
Word count – 49k

Buy from publisher    Amazon    ARe    Bookstrand

 Masquerade Desire, A Spooky Anthology Full of Paranormal Sexiness!

Released October 27,2011

Trick or treat? With this anthology you get both!

Magicians in disguise, demons, witches, vampires,  faeries and more come out to play in this hot collection!

In this anthology you’ll find:

Black Magic Margarita, by Azura Ice
Masquerade Steeplechase by Trinity Blacio
Antebellum by Dagmar Avery and Charlotte Steele

Publisher Ravenous romance   Available in Kindle     Bookstrand BUY LINK BUY LINK


Lace, Lightning, and Multiple Orgasms

A 1 Night Stand title from Decadent Publishing

Release date August 30, 2011

When Madame Evangeline sees Ellecia Lightmaiden trying to call lightning from a clear night sky, she’s a perfect candidate to experience the Castillos’ new resort on Planet Vyzani. Stuck on Earth, Ellecia has never been able to find a man who sates her sexual appetite to generate the power she craves. Goaded into going on a date her boss has paid for, she relents once she learns Madame Evangeline has chosen four younger men for her.

However, the method in which Ellecia must travel to Vyzani is terrifying. Can she trust science to send her through cyberspace without losing her body or re-assembling it wrong? And if she does make it to her waiting men, will they be compatible and quench her need for incredible sex?

Perhaps Madame Evangeline’s perceptiveness has sent Ellecia across a galaxy to love.

Publisher’s BUY LINK BUY LINK     Bookstrand BUY LINK

Read a lovely review from a reader at Good Reads HERE

Handcuffed to the Fire Escape

Release date August 26, 2011 Breathless Press

Book 2 The Conquest Series

After Allison steals Raze’s money, he’s left with an empty wallet and an ache in his heart. There’s something unusual about Allison. As a distraction, Raze goes to a friend’s party, but fate places Allison in his path again. Although Raze insists he’ll avoid falling into the same trap with her, he quickly finds himself making love to her on the fire escape. No one seems to know where she’s from or who she is.

However, when Allison vanishes again, he makes up his mind to find Allison and make her his forever.

New Review! “The scene on the fire escape is definitely smokin’ hot and they are a good match.  I love air of mystery around Allison and want to know what her story is.  It’s obvious that she is an adrenaline junkie but…”Read entire review.

Publisher’s BUY LINK  ARe BUY LINK   Kindle BUY LINK 

Bookstrand BUY LINK

Released June 17, 2011

Azura Ice & Maria MoonStar’s Sky Streamer Series!

Het and m/m romance (alternating books)

Three hundred years in the future, Earth is dying. Venus Dalshvire, the daughter of murdered scientists, is one of the last survivors. Barricaded in a bank building with only her dog for company, Venus raises a rooftop garden and scavenges during the heat of the day to avoid the Bone Eaters. She’s independent, strong… and utterly alone.

Light-years away, the Ruling Body of Planets decides to send extraterrestrials to Earth. Their mission: to re-populate the planet, as well as utilize hidden vaults of DNA, seeds, and spores. Through time travel, these aliens will retrieve people from the past and re-introduce them as settlers into the ravaged world.

Equipped with Earth’s entire history and plenty of tools to help them survive, Volund and Jaxxon arrive in a small, desolate town nearLake Erie. Upon finding a curvaceous female, each man knows Venus is a lovely and intelligent mate. The dilemma, however, is that they both want her. Will their passion tear them apart, or can they find a way to share and love as a threesome?

The Sky Streamer Series is chock full of sci-fi, paranormal coolness, time travel, historical figures, some cyberpunk and hot-hot-hot romance!

Kindle version BUY HERE ARe BUY LINK Publisher’s BUY LINK

Reviews for book 1:

From Siren’s Song Reviews: “The heroes were hot X 2 but it’s Volund’s story that will totally grab your heart and rip it from your chest. Jaxxon provides the relief and lightness that their combined relationship needs.”–Read entire review

Released April 25, 2011!

After years of fighting, a tenuous treaty has been established between the Moon Wolves and the Life Drinkers. Kyle Vanderbelt’s job is to keep the peace—a job that gets much more difficult when Kyle’s fellow agent and former lover is accused of stealing the ancient Moon Rubies that are said to sustain the balance of power between the two peoples.

Kyle sets out to find the thief but is sidetracked by a brutal enemy… and a newfound ally. Shades Hallowvale, a Moon Wolf, is mostly dead from a Life Drinker’s attack when Kyle finds him, but nursing him back to health is a career move Kyle can’t walk away from because Shades has information on the rubies, the theft, and an insidious plot deeper than one man’s greed.

Shades soon becomes more to Kyle than a means to an end, but even as the two men track down the thief, Kyle fears their tenuous connection may not survive and the rubies really will destroy everything they love.

*Available in paperback and ebook*

Publisher’s buy link: VISIT     ARe’s buy link: VISIT     Kindle: VISIT      Bookstrand VISIT and Amazon paperback: VISIT

Review from Siren’s Song Reviews: “So, overall, this is a fast paced, new take on the vamp and were world. I adored it and will definitely keep after the series. Congratulations to the authors for creating a wonderful story full of action, romance, and steam!”–read entire review.

Released February 25, 2011!

Contemporary werewolf/paranormal romance.

***Excerpt posted at the buy links***

In this collection, you’ll find three sizzling novellas of supernatural love and romance.

In Heart of a Were by Azura Ice, you’ll find out what happens when a were mated for life is widowed…

Best-selling ménage author Trinity Blacio shows us what happens when Cupid gets hit by his own arrow…

and Kate Early’s M/M BDSM werewolf lovin’ in Enforced Will should leave you panting for more.

*Available in paperback and ebook*

Publisher’s buy link: VISIT     ARe’s buy link: VISIT     Kindle: VISIT

Released January 7, 2011.

Book 1 of the Conquest Series

Book 1 or the “series launch book” is shorter  than the upcoming novellas which will have  an average of 10K to 15K words.

Summary: Raze encounters Allison roller-blading in the city park on a cold winter day. After a hot, steamy fling on a walkway, Allison walks away leaving him with a surprise.

Raze sees Allison roller-blading in the park and can’t keep his eyes off of her. She’s curvy with long, flaxen hair and the largest set of breasts Raze has ever seen. He finally gathers enough courage to talk to Allison, and to his surprise, she seems interested in him too.

There’s something about Allison that captures not only Raze’s libido but his heart as well. After they engage in a mind-blowing session of sex, Allison suddenly declines his coffee invitation, gives him her phone number and skates away, but not before making him promise to call her. As Raze puts the number in his wallet, he realizes Allison left him a bogus phone number – and a bit of a surprise. Determined to find the woman again, Raze wants answers…and her love.

New Review! “This is the first book in the Conquest series.  It may be a short story but it definitely steams up the pages.”Read entire review.

Publisher’s buy link: VISIT     ARe buy link: VISIT     Kindle: VISIT


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